Tornad-O by Vgod

Tornad-O by Vgod

E-JuiceSam Woodman (S7K)Sam Woodman (S7K) February 16, 2016  
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Tornad-O by Vgod


Nicotine Levels:
3 MG
Standard Size:
30 ML
15.00 GBP
PG/VG Ratio
    A delicious creamy blend to remind you of your favourite fruity cerial, wildly popular new VGOD flavour Tornad-o will blow your taste buds away!

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    1 reviews

    5.0  (1)
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    One of the best Fruit Cereal & Milk's out there :)

    I was in a situation where I needed juice badly, running out of bottles left right and centre. I visited my local vape shop and mentioned to him how I could never find a like-for-like with Looper. He hands me a tank full of this liquid called "Tornad-O" stating that this is as good as it comes.

    Upon my first puff (I wasn't expecting much from previous C&Milk flavours) but instantly I was hit with a rich lime, cereal and a subtle milk flavour in the background. I'm in love with it. After purchase, I dripped it and I was blown away by how flavourful this is, no risk of "Vapors Tongue" here, it tastes just like the first puff, every puff!

    Definitely recommend that you give this a go! :) *This liquid is Extremely HIGH VG, DO NOT USE in tanks that may have trouble with thick liquids/atty feed holes are too small*

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