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Remember when video games were all about ass-kicking, explosions, Lara Croft and fatalities? And then there was a flat plumber, or the teenage boy seeking the Triforce of Courage. I liked all of those genres, but I was also 14. I eventually wanted something different.

The vaping scene is similar in a way. It’s just a couple of years old, but I’m already getting tired of the thousands of similar candy flavored juices, the close-ups on a set of coils or a sexy girl blowing smoke rings from a lightsaber-looking thing. Or labeling something premium, steeping liquid for weeks, or a generic hipster-design being slapped on a bottle. It doesn’t bother me, but there’s very little creativity in the e-juice scene at the moment. Everything looks like something else. The smoke rings, the girls, the coils. It’s all on repeat.

Except some. There are creative e-juice producers out there. It’s incredible when you find that juice. It might get steeped for weeks and labeled premium, or it might cost $5 and was made in a bathtub – It doesn’t matter. Call it creativity, talent or craftsmanship. This site is here to help us find just that, the best e-juice producers out there. Not by following a #vaping hashtag, a Reddit thread or because of a promo code through a cool looking online store, but because of a new vaping culture.