Milky O's by The Vaping Rabbit

Milky O's by The Vaping Rabbit Hot

E-Juice MojibMojib May 06, 2016  
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Milky O's by The Milkman


Milky O's
Nicotine Levels:
Nicotine free,3 MG,6 MG
Standard Size:
30 ML
17.95 USD
PG/VG Ratio
100% VG
The third e-juice in the popular, yet controversial, The Milkman series by The Vaping Rabbit. Since their brand is popular, it's getting a lot of exposure and attention from the vaping community. Some like their Milkman flavor, and some think it's overhyped. The Milky O's is set to taste and resemble a chocolate cookie, much like the popular Oreo's. The official word states that this is your "favorite cookies and cream blended milkshake and crafted an e-liquid with all the chocolate, milky, cookie, creamy flavor your heart desires".

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The synthetic taste ruins a smooth juice

Vaping Rabbit's juice are a hit and miss. The original Milkman had mixed reviews while their Churrios line had at least something unique about it, with a pretty good cinnamon flavor to it.
This one is yet again a mixed bag. The juice alone has synthetic, quite potent smell to it even if you can sense the chocolate flavor. But unfortunately the synthetic taste carries over when vaping. It hits quite hard in the throat and I wouldn't be too surprised if its due to the synthetic, almost alcohol, flavor. And the chocolate taste is there, but even if I'm using the Hercules Plus tank, know to persevere flavors, it's barely there.
I've tried my best to get the flavor out of it, with different coils but nothing seems to work.

I'm sort of disappointed even if its creative and new. Hopefully there next ejuice won't be such a hit and miss.


  • Rich
  • Unique
  • Chocolate
  • Milk
Drink pairing
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