Mumble by Penguin E-juice

Mumble by Penguin E-juice

E-Juice Vaping CultureVaping Culture January 06, 2016  
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Now, we’re not sure why and how the strawberry and cream craze started in the vaping industry, but it’s just one of those flavours that is preferred by many vaper’s, and if you’ve been searching for the perfect one, your search has ended! Mumble is sky rocket strawberry heaven! When you find an e­juice as marvelously yummy and good as Mumble you really don’t need to keep looking, the delectable aromas of cloudy, strawberry and cream puffs is a super smooth and silky e­juice that has the perfect amount of sweetness blended into it, making sure that your taste buds are not overpowered by too much sugar! We think the only problem you’re going to have with this lush e­juice is the fact that you’re going to need to control the urge to finish the whole bottle in one order, as it is so very addictive. Key Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Cream, Puff, Dessert

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