Vaping Culture is a passion project, produced by Valdmemar Web Agency & Media Network in Sweden. Valdemar currently runs a network of sites, including our music community Has it Leaked, contemporary art publication Void and Form, social media marketing by – We even have our own music podcast. And we’ve introduced our very own movie site, built on the same community platform as VC.

Our own sites generate 2 million unique visits every month, and we’re making sure Vaping Culture gets the same treatment as our other passion projects. So we’re very grateful that you took a look at our site, and we hope to make the best of it. The vaping market is incredibly competitive, but we think few are doing something that’s creative.

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 While we can’t review all of them, if we do write about you and your e-juice, it gets featured on our front page and in our editors review section. Send them to our office address below. Or email us if you have any questions. However, we are currently not accepting any sponsorship deals or ad partners.

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